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Tower Raiders 2 GOLD v1.16 APK

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Tower Raiders 2 GOLD

Tower Raiders 2 doesn't redefine the tower defense genre; it sets a new gold standard for mobile strategic thrills!

The game includes 24 challenging levels that cater specifically to the hardcore tower defense crowd. Every level provides unique logistic challenges and features many different winding paths that throngs raiders use in order to get to the rare Earth crystals you’re charged with protecting! As players progress through the game levels grow increasingly more difficult, and feature more waves of attacking raiders!

To protect themselves players have access to an arsenal of upgradable weapons - but there’s a catch. Every weapon in Tower Raiders 2 has unique positives and draw backs, as well as different ranges which they can shoot. This is where strategy comes in. Gamers need to think smart and position their available weapons in the most effective spots if they want to squash every wave of raiders that approach and end levels victorious and in-tact!

Tower Raiders 2 is the most well-rounded tower defense experience on Android. The game features beautiful 3D textured graphics, active forum & and Facebook support communities. The first 3 levels of the game also come complete with step-by-step mini tutorials to help novice players orient themselves while they’re just starting out too.

Stop wasting your time with boring tower defense games and jump into some hard-core strategic action with Tower Raiders 2!


  • Hard-core tower defense gaming action with 24 unique & difficult levels
  • Active Facebook & online forum support communities.
  • Many unique upgradable weapons to utilize.
  • Vibrant, professionally rendered graphics.
Tower Raiders 2 is developed by Gianormous Games, LLCWhat's in this version : (Updated :Oct 31, 2012)

  • This update fixes an issue with restoring downloaded campaign purchases after a factory reset.
  • To switch back to the main campaign - click the "Play Now" button next to "Campaign: Tower Raiders 2"
Requires Android: 2.0 and up

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